Hardanger fiddles made by Ron Poast are handcrafted of the finest woods and materials available. Up to 200 hours are spent shaping, carving, and sanding, requiring much patience and attention to fine detail. Rock Maple is used to make the neck and back of the fiddle, while a softer Sitka Spruce is used on the top. Unlike the flat fiddle or violin, which have four strings, the Hardanger fiddle has an additional four or five understrings. The lower, sympathetic strings, resound to the vibration of the upper strings when they are stroked with the bow. This creates the beautiful harmonious old Norwegian sound often said to be similar to that of the Scottish bagpipe.

The headpiece is hand-carved, representing a mythical lion

complete with tongue, crown, and teeth; or the more rare,

head of a maiden. The top, ribs and bottom of the fiddle

are adorned with an intricate pattern of rosing. This is all done by hand, using India ink. The fingerboard is of Ebony, with inlays all handcut using genuine mother-of-pearl and abalone.

The Hardanger is often considered a work of art, but one that can also be enjoyed for its beautiful sound.